No Kindle? Don't Panic!

You may have noticed that all of my books are only on Amazon Kindle. This is because I am currently participating in their online exclusive program.

There are other options available...

Option 1: (This is probably the easiest)

Download Amazon's FREE Kindle app. This will work on your computer, any smart phone, tablet, iPad, and depending on which version you have, other reading devices as well. (For other reading devices, go to your app store to see if the free kindle app is available for you to download.)
Visit Amazon's instruction page on how you can download their free app for Kindle by clicking the button below.

Special Note: Once you've downloaded the free Kindle app, you can purchase the book from (not from the app) and it will automatically appear in your app. 

​Option Two: 

For those who own a nook, kobo, or any other reading device that will not allow you to download the Amazon app.

1: Purchase the eBooks in the Kindle store

2: Send a copy of your receipt to: and let me know which device you have.

3: I will send you your book in your preferred reading format within 24 hours.

Also, if you prefer reading paperbacks, all of the softcover books are available on Amazon, links to those are in the book section of the website. There are also audio versions available as well.